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If you care about your health, stop smoking and start vaping! The latter term might sound weird to those who have never seen ads or read articles about electronic cigarettes and their health benefits when compared with traditional cigarettes. To put things in perspective, the smoke of the standard cigarette, apart from tar, also contains hundreds of toxic chemical compounds. Although you might not notice the deadly chemical compounds, you can view the tar by examining the filter of the cigarette before and after smoking it. The brownish-yellow color is due to tar and not because of nicotine, as many people believe. Although the filter does absorb a substantial amount of tar, the rest enters your lungs along with the smoke and deposits itself on the walls of your lungs.

Smoking is dangerous
You might have read the term `smoking is dangerous for health’ tens of thousands of times but cannot give up smoking because of addiction. Are you aware that the smoke of the classical cigarette contains hundreds of harmful chemical compounds… quite a few of which are carcinogenic? Are you aware that smoking in your room and in the presence of your family also causes the fine particulates of chemical compounds to enter the lungs of your loved ones too when they breathe the polluted air inside the room? Smoking outside the room might provide relief to your loved ones, but have you thought about your health? Can you imagine the dilemma your near and dear ones will have to face if you die prematurely? For your information, quite a few of the poisonous chemical compounds are carcinogenic and may cause cancer. Would it not be awesome if you could enjoy smoking without inhaling those dangerous chemical amalgams? You can achieve this goal by stopping smoking standard cigarettes and switching over to the digital cigs.

The myth of cigarette addiction busted
The majority of cigarette smokers believe that addiction is caused by the flavors of tobacco. They are way off the mark. Individuals get addicted to smoking because of the nicotine contained in its fumes. This is why doctors often prescribe chewing gums containing nicotine as well as nicotine patches to persons who want to quit smoking. However, you should switch over to vaping instead of smoking if you cannot stop the habit of puffing. Vaping is the term given to inhaling water vapor mixed with nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes explained
Electronic cigarettes consist of a dual cylinder, attached to each other, which resembles the traditional cigarette. The main and the bigger part holds the LED (light emitting diode) on its tip along with a wind sensor, and a microelectronic circuit board. The other part holds a battery and has a capsule placed within a circular shaped coil of resistant wire. When you puff on this cigarette, the air while passing from the first part pushes the wind sensor, which in turn activates the circuit board by triggering the battery. The battery supplies power to the LED, and its glow resembles the tip of a smoldering cigarette. The circuit board passes on the requisite amount of power to the coil of resistant wire, causing it to heat up and heat the liquid (e-juice) contained inside the capsule, causing it to boil and release water mist and nicotine vapor. You can adjust the heat generated by the wire by using the toggle switch located on the exterior of the electronic cigarette.

Are they affordable?
You should never consider the price factor while purchasing e-cigarettes or its accessories. The cheap imported models rarely last for more than a couple of months. Apart from this, they are dangerous to use. There is no guarantee about the purity or the nicotine strength in the e-juice cartridges supplied with these e-cigs. Why take a risk with your life when you can purchase branded goods, manufactured by local and reputable brands, by paying a bit more. V2 is one of the leading American companies that offer electronic cigarettes, its accessories, and e-juices that do not compromise on quality. You can reduce the cost of purchasing their e-cigs and accessories with the help of the best V2 cigs promo codes, available on sites that specialize in offering up to date e-cig coupons and promo codes. Visit a few of these sites and find out which one offers the best deal. Once you find a good deal, click on the icon containing the words click here to reveal the code. Copy the code, visit the V2 online store, purchase the electronic cigarette associated with the code and proceed towards the checkout. You will find an option to paste the code and activate it at the checkout stage. Paste the code and click on the `apply’ button. You will see the reduction in the price of your purchased good immediately. Stop smoking today and switch over to vaping.

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