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Well, there is no definitive answer that can be given to the question. Unfortunately! From the research we have already performed, it comes to view that Azo pills have indeed helped many people pass THC detox tests. However, there are also people who have not been so fortunate—people who had put their faith in Azo but it didn’t pay off.

So, in order to have a better understanding of this, let’s first have a look at what Azo pills are and how they can help in the detox process. To begin with, Azo pills (all the different varieties of them) are over the counter drugs which are basically used to treat urinary tract dysfunctions such as urinary tract pain, UTIs and so on. The pills come with diuretics as well as dietetics and help clean your urine of toxins. So, it only stands to reason that consuming Azo pills will wipe away the THC metabolites from your urine and you can confidently hand over your sample during a test.

However, things are not as straightforward as that. First of all, you just need a week or two’s notice before the test is to take place. It is necessary that you consume the tablets for at least seven days before the test. You must also stop using any drugs that you were in the habit of using 3-4 days prior to you start taking Azo. In addition, you will need to consume some additional health supplements such as grape juice or cranberry juice since these products come with a wealth of natural anti-toxic properties and will help to cleanse your system better and not only metabolites stored in your urinary tract.

However, there is still a snag here. Because of the manner THC metabolites are absorbed and stored in our system, diuretics, or even dietetics, alone won’t help. The normal metabolic process in our body keeps burning the fats and thereby releases THC-COOH back into the bloodstream.

This is why it is necessary that you do a lot of exercise during the period you are taking the Azo pills. This will speed up your metabolism and therefore, help you with the overall detoxifying process. Also, if your body fat content stays normal during this period, there will be fewer chances of tracing the THC metabolites back to your stored/unburned fat.

To cap it off, our final verdict would be that Azo pills may well help you clear a drug test as long as all the above-mentioned conditions are met and fulfilled. However, if you can come across any other method which is more foolproof, you should, by all means, go for it.

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