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Drug testing is a process that involves the collection of a given specimen and running it through a series of stages to ascertain if an individual has used a drug. The test may be positive to confirm the use of a drug or negative to show that the individual in question has not used any of the substances tested for. This kind of tests can be done by sampling things like urine, hair follicles, saliva, blood, stool, and breath. Drug tests can be done for a number of reasons with a few of the most important detailed below.

Institutional drug testing

This basically refers to tests that are done in institutions such as schools and workplaces. Students are not allowed to use certain substances because they are still underage or may become too intoxicated to focus on studies. It is worth noting that a lot of cases of violence or bad behavior by students in learning institutions can be attributed to substance abuse. Employees are required to remain productive throughout the day but this may not be possible if such people are under the influence of drugs or too much alcohol. Institutional drug tests are often done as a way of discouraging such people from using substances. Anyone that tests positive is likely to be expelled from school or fired from work.

Law enforcement testing

While alcohol is not a banned substance it is illegal for individuals to consume it and operate machinery such as cars. This is because the substance impairs judgment and may lead to accidents. There are also a number of substances that are banned by law and taking them constitutes a criminal offense. Law enforcement officers may carry out drug tests to ascertain if individuals are guilty of breaking the law by taking such substances. If the suspect tests positive the results are included in building a case for prosecution in court.

Medical testing

Drug testing can be done to ensure that individuals receive the most effective treatment. This can be necessitated by the fact that when an individual has overdosed or taken the wrong drug he or she may not be able to speak coherently. Without information on the exact substance that has been taken it may be difficult for a medical professional to carry out effective treatment. Such cases require that tests are run to ascertain the substance in question before a proper diagnosis is done.

Tips for passing drug tests

Apart from medical tests individuals that are about to go through any of the other tests may want to pass or achieve a negative result. Here are some of the things that people have been known to do to increase chances of passing.

Use of certain products – there are special products and kits that are made to ensure that you pass drug tests. This is often done for institutional tests. These products may include fake urine or powerful shampoo that is meant to get rid of any drug residue. Testclear is a particular example of a popular product that has been reported to work. Individuals can increase their chances of passing while saving cash with testclear coupons which can be found on the testclear coupon website.

Drinking of water – increasing the amount of water you drink on a daily basis can be a good way to speed up the rate at which your body gets rid of foreign substances. This technique can be helpful to individuals that find out about an impending test a few days early. By drinking a lot of water you will tend to pass urine often.

Enhancing hygiene – some tests may require the individual to provide a hair or saliva sample but without proper hygiene, the test is likely to be positive. To avoid such an outcome observing general hygiene can be prudent. Take a bath two or three times a day using a strong soap and shampoo to get rid of any substances. Brushing your teeth with an original toothpaste and cleaning your mouth with a trusted mouthwash can effectively get rid of drug residues.

Stop using drugs – immediately you get wind of an impending drug test it is recommended that you stop using the banned substances. This is because your body needs a significant amount of time to completely get rid of toxins and despite all the tips mentioned you may still test positive if you have been taking too many drugs.

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