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Sleep can be elusive for some people. Try as they might, they always seem to end up lying awake at night unable to get any rest. This has profound implications for their quality of life. Some of these are due to disorders that should be discussed with a doctor. Others may still be remedied through simple changes in daily habits. Here are a few tips to get better sleep:

Don’t Eat an Excessive Amount of Sweets Before Bedtime

A sweet tooth can mean better sleep. If you would like to have some treats, then time them in such a way as to be far from your bedtime. Don’t get up at midnight to have extra-sweet desserts, chocolates, and candies. The sugar content will only make you hyper. The rush will make you feel energetic and joyful. It will be next to impossible to lay still in bed as your brain will be going 100 miles an hour thinking of random things while your body is craving to get up and move. It’s okay to get some treats if you time it well and consume them in reasonable amounts.

Don’t Drink Coffee and Other Caffeinated Products

We all know how coffee works. Millions of people consume several cups regularly to start their day as it tends to wake you up. You could be barely functioning one moment and firing on all cylinders the next. The effect is so pronounced that workers who are cramming their reports and students who are rushing their assignments depend on coffee to save the day. Other products claim to do the same with even higher potency. Try to minimize this dependence when it’s late at night. As much as possible, finish work during the day so you don’t have to pull an all-nighter.

Go to the Bathroom Several Times to Empty Your Bladder

Sometimes you are already comfortable in bed but then you suddenly feel the urge to get up and go to the bathroom. You were feeling sleepy before but not anymore. This is especially true if you are the type to get up several times during the night just to pee. If this happens frequently, then go to your doctor to check whether it is something serious. You might have diabetes or a urinary tract infection. You have to get these treated appropriately. If nothing is wrong, then perhaps you were just drinking a lot prior to bedtime. Reduce the amount and proactively go to the bathroom to empty your bladder before sleeping.

Adhere to a Strict Schedule

A good way to ensure decent sleep is to train your body what to do during the night. Create a routine that works for you. Perhaps you need to read a book before going to bed. Others need to do some exercise while many would prefer to stay relaxed. You might want to take a quick shower just to feel cool and fresh. You could get a massage from your loved one to ease muscle tension. You could also meditate or say a prayer. Whatever works for you, do it consistently night after night. If you ever falter, try to get back into the schedule as soon as possible.

Turn Off All the Lights

Light exposure excites our eyes and sends signals to our brain that keep us awake. That’s why it is harder to sleep after being on the computer or watching TV for so long. Blue light is especially bad for use during nighttime. Keep computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices away from you so that you will not be tempted to use them. Put them in silent mode so that their beeping will not wake you up. Even standby indicator lights can be annoying to turn off appliances completely if you can. Close the curtains so that the windows are completely covered and you won’t be bothered by the light of passing cars.

Deal with Persistent Noises

If you are bothered by persistent noise, then deal with it once and for all. This could be caused by an old air conditioner. Call a technician and have it repaired so that you can enjoy quiet nights. It might be caused by the horns and engines of cars passing by. This can be a big problem if your house is located along a busy street. Close the window shut. Use earplugs if you must.

Use a Comfortable Mattress

If your old mattress is filled with bumps and tears, then maybe it’s time to get a new one.

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